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Mobile Area Rug Washing Plant!

This mobile rug washing plant is going to the I.C.E. Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada at the end of the month. Included in this set-up are various rug dusters, wash tub, centrifuge, and rug hanging racks. Come on down and see...

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Moth Damage is Better to Prevent than Repair

Moths and carpet beetles are a major concern when found in wool rugs. The damage is done when the moth is in the larvae stage. The larvae feed on protein (wool, silk, animal hair), lay eggs in the rug and the cycle continues. If you suspect a moth infestation on your area rug, don’t hesitate to give us a call before the damage gets out of...

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Professional Cleaning is a must after party spills!

When cleaning up, discovering spills and messes can sometimes be alarming because they went unnoticed for several hours.  If you have a stain from your New Year’s festivities that you can’t remove yourself, give us a...

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Area Rug Placement is Important!

When arranging your living room or considering purchasing a rug for that space, remember that an area rug centers the...

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Special care for a beautiful rug!

A once horribly soiled silk on silk rug coming out great with proper cared offered here at our rug wash shop.

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Protect Your Floors!

Protect your rugs this winter! If you don’t have a place for snowy boots and shoes, put out a couple of cookie sheets (the kind with the raised edge) for them to drain by the door. This will help keep that mess off the floors. #tiptuesday

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