Area Rug Color Restoration / Rug Color

Most existing carpeting in homes, including Oriental rugs, can be dyed and their color restored to its original glory. The most noticeable casualty of a “lived-in” home is often the condition of the carpet and area rugs. Eventually, ALL carpets develop problems, whether the issue is ugly matted traffic patterns, pet stains, food stains, sun fading, chemical spills, or bleach spots.

Cleaning might help but often it does not alleviate some of these issues. Carpet cleaning is not always successful addressing the issue of chemical spills, fading, or bleach spots.

Expert carpet dyeing can be an attractive alternative to premature carpet or area rug replacement. At Area Rug Cleaning company our technicians have been trained by the best, Chris Howell, in how to restore your carpet and area rugs to their former beauty.

Call us today if you are in need of an area rug color change, area rug color restoration or if you need a carpet or area rug bleach issue corrected. We can help!

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