Our Process

Area Rug Cleaning Company cares for the finest to the most basic rugs from around the world. We will pick-up and bring your rugs back to our special cleaning facility where they will go through our thorough cleaning process for maximum soil and spot removal. Call (734) 973-2300 to request an estimate.

The 4-Part Process

Since 2007, Area Rug Cleaning Company has brought several innovations to the rug washing market, including a 1,200 gallon wash tub and the centrifuge high speed water removal machine.

Every rug that is brought to our facility is inspected and then inventoried. You may view the video of dusting a rug found on the equipment manufacturer’s website. We proudly use equipment furnished by Centrum Force®, an Ann Arbor based Company.

Dusting is the most important step of the cleaning process. Over time an area rug collects dust, dirt, and debris, which can dull and scratch fibers. Although regular vacuuming can remove some of the particulates close to the surface, a vacuum is not powerful enough to remove dirt that is deeply imbedded in the foundation of the rug. Automated Rug Duster is used to gently dislodge the dirt and dust out of your rug before it is washed.

The first thing we do is to mechanically dust the rug, using the innovative machine that we designed, the Wolverine Rug Duster (pictured above). Then, most rugs are submitted to a complete water immersion wash process at our boutique rug care facility.

  • Why a complete wash?
    Our aim is to get the best results! There are some exceptions, and therefore an inspection of the rug is necessary before a total wash is prescribed. We do a complete wash, when possible, for the same reason that people launder their clothes in a washing machine. Top cleaning by shampooing and water extraction does not sufficiently penetrate the rug pile―it does not reach the foundation of the rug to remove all the soil.
  • Why the cost disparity from one rug cleaning company to another?
    As previously stated, it has to do with the method of cleaning and the expertise utilized. Cost is generally related to quality performed. You get what you pay for.
  • Should cost be your main concern?
    Area rugs are an investment and should be cared for accordingly. Thoroughly cleaning your rugs is our mission. If cost is the primary issue for you, then we can examine your rug to see if top cleaning will do the job for you. If this proves to be the case, we will offer you a price that is less than what we charge for our usual rug cleaning services. But we strongly recommend total immersion cleaning as the best approach to cleaning your precious textiles, when economically possible.

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The following are examples of how our complete immersion techniques will continue to preserve rug yarn and pile appearance:

  • Designer Shag – watch video
  • Hand-Knotted Oriental – watch video
  • The value is in the Centrum Star paddle wheel wash tub and the Centri-Maxx® rug wringing centrifuge working together. Both were designed and built by Centrum Force® LLC. an Ann Arbor based design and build company for innovative rug washing equipment, whose emphasis is on synergy and better use of space and the conservation and preserving of fine rugs, including antiques and heirlooms.

    Area Rug Cleaning Company is also a co-founder of Centrum Force®.

We use the world’s only American-made Horizontal Rug Wringing Centrifuge. This machine was designed and tested by us and is now sold to other serious rug-cleaning facilities across the world. The Horizontal Rug Wringing Centrifuge is essential for fine-rug drying.

  • How does it work?
    After the rug is washed, the wet rug is rolled and loaded into the cylinder of the Centri-Maxx® horizontal rug wringer. While spinning the rug and evacuating most of the water in three minutes or less, the rug is protected from pile distortion. Mechanical vacuum extraction techniques used by many companies can only Centri-MAXX® provide a form of top cleaning. Mechanical vacuum extraction may distort pile and leave the rug wet for long periods of time. The drip-dry method is unsatisfactory and usually leaves the rug stiff. In contrast, centrifugal drying, using our patent-pending machine, results in the rug feeling and looking much better than if it had been cleaned with other standard methods.

    After the rug is removed from the Centri-Maxx®, then it is hung horizontally for the final drying phase. This rug-hanging system was designed and built for us, based on our specifications.
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