At Area Rug Cleaning Company, we not only believe in excellent rug cleaning services, but also in educating our clients with care tips and more. Below are helpful articles and websites that we believe are very helpful. Call (734) 973-2300 for further information or to request an estimate.

Armenian Rug Production History Historical information about Armenian rugs Go
CNN See two million knots turn into a carpet Go
Hereke 100% Handmade Information about Hereke handmade rugs, including history and care Go
IICRC Blog Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification rug cleaning articles Go
Jozan Magazine An International web-portal and digital magazine about oriental rugs and carpets Go
Navajo Rug Repair Contains information regarding the care and repair of Navajo and Oriental rugs Go
Renaissance Rug Cleaning Blog Let’s talk insect infestations of rugs Go
What’s Wrong with My Rug This area of our web site is especially useful to help you determine the exact problem with your rug Go Antique Persian Afshar Bird Rug – what was she thinking? Go Where rugs are made – characteristics of rugs by region Go Textiles and tribal Oriental rugs Go
Rug News The rug industry’s online source for on-the-spot news and information Go
Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians The cleaning industry’s trade association Go
Restoration Industry Association Association for cleaning and restoration professional. Go
Carpet Institute of Australia Dedicated to the development of Australia’s $1.6 billion carpet industry Go Suggested reading and resources Go
Rudolf Stingel’s art exhibit at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice Rudolf Stingel’s site specific art installation at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice. Mr. Stingel covered the floors and walls in carpeting based on a 17th century Turkish (Transylvanian) rug. Through December 31, 2013 – rugtracker is the work of John Taylor, Germany. Go
RugTracker The is the work of John Taylor, Germany Go
San Fransisco Gate Are Viscose rugs good quality? Go
A Rug To Run From India hand loomed rugs Go
Coir Carpets vs. Jute Carpets The difference between coconut fibre and jute fibre Go

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How to judge quality in hand knotted rugs

Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Fars

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