Oriental Rug Repair

Quality repairs are available through our facility. Craftsman weavers from countries of origin use techniques and yarns that preserve the value and look of your rug. We have relationships with weavers from the Middle East and we may recommend that major repairs be made off-site to save money and time. We are fully insured and work with customs to insure safe transporting of your precious rugs. References and testimonials from past client’s available upon request.

We do restorations for what some might consider a complete insurance loss on a handmade rug. Our expertise includes repairing damages from water, fire, insect, animals, and exposure to sun and ultraviolet rays. Arrangements may be made to receive rugs shipped to us from anywhere in the country. Do not hesitate to inquire about our repair service.

Flat Weave Rug Repair of End

Handtufted Indo-Persian Rug Hole Repair

Repair and Secure Ends of Handmade Rug

Restoring Your Treasure

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