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Fiber ProTector is the most technically advanced fiber protection system available. It has been preferred anti-soil/stain treatment for numerous hotels, cruise ships, aircraft manufacturers, public transportation, and more. Click here to learn about the EnviroSeal certification.


Fact & Science
fiberprotector-logoArea Rug Cleaning Company is proud to offer Fiber ProTector. Fiber ProTector has become a world leading Company within preventive maintenance solutions for carpets and textiles since 1996. Through Fiber ProTector Carpet protection and Fiber ProTector Textile protection, they have developed a revolutionary system that encapsulates every fiber in the fabric. This prevents dirt and fluids from penetrating and sticking to the fabric.

Having your upholstery and carpets protected with Fiber ProTector will keep them looking like new for longer. It also prolongs the overall lifespan of upholstery and carpets as our protection reduces the amount of cleans done on the fabrics. The best product for the protection of upholstery and carpets is Fiber ProTector, because they specialize, innovate and care for your investment.

The main advantages of using Fiber ProTector products and services:

  • Prolongs the life of your upholstery and carpets
  • Provides easy stain removal and release
  • Shields against soil, spills and stains
  • Gives excellent UV protection
  • Is harmless to humans, animals and the environment
  • Based on advanced polymer technology
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Makes vacuuming doubly effective
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Leaves an invisible shield around each fiber
  • Allows treated materials to remain breathable
  • Antimicrobial technology – biocidically prevents the development and spread of bacteria
  • Improves professional deep cleaning, saving you time and money
  • Reduces necessary amount of chemicals and water for cleaning
  • Documentation and test results available upon request

Compare the difference and see why Area Rug Cleaning Company’s Fiber ProTector protection is the best choice. For more information on Fiber ProTector please visit their website or Facebook.


547 is Fiber Protector brand in an aerosol spray can. It is not sold to treat large areas, only to do touchup work. We offer these touchup spray cans exclusively by our respective companies at $40 each. Must be picked up at our office location.


Compare Fiber ProTector to any and all other products… point by point!


Fiber ProTector Common Fabric Protectors
1. Penetrates complete fiber and will survive many professional cleanings and normal wear 1. Does not penetrate fiber, but coats only where spray hits. Cleaning or normal wear easily fractures the fabric protection and you must pay for re-application
2. Reduces sun fading by nearly 100% on most fabrics – Independent laboratory verification 2. No protection against sun fading. If claimed, no independent laboratory verification
3. Fiber ProTector has been thoroughly tested by independent laboratories from around the world 3. No independent laboratory tests
4. Reduces smoke density

4. No protection. In fact, most fabric protectors are highly toxic when they burn

5. Reduces flame spread 5. No claims of reducing flame spread
6. If flame retardant is applied to fabrics, retardant is sealed in so normal everyday cleaning won’t remove 6. No protection for flame retardant
7. Colorfast-has no effect on color or texture of treated fabrics 7. Have been known to “yellow” light colored fabrics over time or when sprayed
8. Mildew and static electricity resistance 8. No protection
9. Fiber ProTector only attaches to fibers and will not seal in anything non-fibrous, so fabric / carpet does not have to be clean before application 9. Many products will seal both fibrous and non-fibrous particles. Therefore, dirty fabrics treated with these chemicals will have dirt, stains, etc., sealed in at time of treatment.
10. Can be used on any material with a fibrous nature including suede and smooth finished leathers 10. Cannot be used on some types of fabrics, such as suede or smooth finished leathers

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