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Five Star Customer Service Reviews for Area Rug Cleaning Company

“This was my first time trying them and I was very satisfied!

Area Rug Cleaning Company recently cleaned an area rug for me for the first time. I highly recommend the company. I decided to take the rug in myself and customer service was very good. When I brought the rug in it smelled! When I picked up the rug I was surprised to find out that it does not smell anymore. The rug looked very clean and I am very satisfied with their service. Area Rug Cleaning Company offered very good pricing which I thought was fair considering the good quality work that they did for me. I will be using them again!”


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Our team got its start many years ago in the wall-to-wall carpet cleaning business. During that time we developed a real expertise in the methods and techniques that are necessary to clean the highly durable nylon or Olefin carpet that is found in most homes and businesses.

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