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Customer Review | Area Rug Cleaning Company

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Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say!

Check out this great review with Customer Lobby:

area rug cleaning

Positive on everything

Area Rug Cleaning Company was great. They clean all my rentals. I started with them a while ago and the work was so good, I continued to use them.

Carol B.

Ann Arbor, MI


Cleaning For Company | Area Rug Cleaning Company

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Have houseguests coming? Get a handle on your home with these great ideas for keeping dirt and chaos under control with company in mind.

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Guest Bedroom: This is the most likely the first place your company will go to plop themselves and their belongings down. Before they arrive, wash the bed sheets in warm or hot water with a capful of white vinegar to ensure they are fresh. While the sheets are in the dryer, give the room a quick one-over, like dusting the side tables and setting out clean towels. And then to finish, replace the bedding and fluff the pillows to make your next guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Burst Cleaning: If a room is mostly picked up go in, scan the room and pick up those little overlooked things and see what a difference it makes in the room. You will be surprised how many little things there are laying around and out of place in your house. If everything has a place, then you will quickly notice what needs to be moved and where.

Clean the Three T’s: Toilets, Tabletops, the Television. What? The television? That’s right! Most living rooms are centered around your tv and the amount of dust that hangs on it, your netflix stack and dvd box set pile that’s off to one side could be tell tale signs of why the rest of your house isn’t exactly spotless. Plus if you sit chatting in the living room, you’ll be staring at it wishing you would have moved it. Toilets and tabletops are a bit more self explanatory, but important none the less.

Think Sink: Stop pretending you’re going to rinse those dishes piling up on the counter, and load them in the dishwasher (or if not, at least stack them neatly in the sink). Run some water over drippy detergent bottles, then stick those, pot scrubbers, and rubber gloves under the sink.

Of course, we all have better things to do than deep clean the house – like spending time with family and friends. So call the experts to give your home that professional clean feeling. Request a free estimate for a rug cleaning and more from Area Rug Cleaning Company today.

Common Household Allergens | Tips to Ease Your Symptoms

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Approximately 40 million people in the U.S. suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies, which can be caused by allergens ranging from pet dander and mold spores to ragweed and pollen. The cold, dry air of fall and winter irritate many allergy sufferers, but there are steps you can take to lessen the effects of seasonal allergens.

Firstly, the most important step is to have your carpet, upholstery and rugs professionally deep cleaned. A deep cleaning can remove up to 98% of common household allergens and bacteria.

Click the infographic below for more ideas to help ease your allergy symptoms:


Rug Pile: A Quick User’s Guide

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A rug’s pile refers to the density of fibers. The pile height or thickness of the rug and the length of the fibers in the weave combined determine the pile of a rug. They can range from a flat/short pile or long and shaggy.

Pile Height To Consider
Pile heights vary: less than 1/4″ (low); 1/4″ to 1/2″ (medium); 1/2″ to 3/4″ (plush); some shags can be even longer.

High Traffic Areas
Thick pile does not necessarily equate to quality. Some very fine rugs are thin. That said, high-traffic areas can benefit from rugs with some density.

Short and Durable
Shorter pile rugs will, as a rule, last a bit longer than longer piles. Low pile rugs are extremely easy to maintain because they are usually more durable and thus simpler to clean.

Think About Furniture
Longer-pile rugs can feel softer, but their threads and fibers are prone to twisting, matting, or being crushed. The legs of furniture will more easily leave indentations. Thinner rugs are better for dining rooms because the low pile makes the movement of chairs easy.

Proofs In The Pile
High pile rugs are softer and definitely fluffier looking than low pile rugs. They have longer threads, giving them a gorgeously luxuriant appearance.

Clean with Care
Shags and other longer-pile rugs can get caught in the rotating beater bar of your vacuum cleaner. Either turn it off or use an attachment without one. When in doubt, contact a professional rug cleaning company and they can point you in the right direction.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

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Fall is here: Time to get your house in shape for the cooler months ahead. Although autumn can be one of the busiest seasons for homeowners preparing for winter, it’s also the best time to take advantage of the moderate weather to repair any damages, get your rugs and carpets cleaned, among other areas of the home, before the first frost sets in.

Click here for ideas that will keep your home running in peak condition all winter long, inside and out:

Area Rug Cleaning Company cares for the finest to the most basic rugs from around the world. We will pick-up and bring your rugs back to our special cleaning facility where they will go through our thorough cleaning process for maximum soil and spot removal.

Dye Bleeding – The Effects of Bad Area Rug Cleaning

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If you have beautiful area rugs spread throughout your home or workplace, you may have tried DIY area rug cleaning, or you hired someone to clean them only to find that you now have damage to your beautiful rug.

Dye bleeding can happen on many area rugs when they are not cared for correctly. You may find that the dyes bleed into one another, changing the colors, patterns, and overall look of your rugs. This happens when dyes in your rugs are not colorfast. Incorrect area rug cleaning causes these colors to run into one another. Red dyes are the biggest culprit when it comes to not being color-fast, however this bleeding can happen with any color.

Another reason your rugs might bleed is due to the fact that additional color was added to the rug after it was woven, this additional dye will likely run when your rug is cleaned incorrectly, especially if the area rug cleaning is not completed by a professional.

When you call in a cleaning company you expect them to clean your rugs without causing damage. The problem comes when you call a company that does not have the right experience. This is due to the fact that it is important to use the right solution and the right application when it comes to area rug cleaning. A dye test should be performed on your rug to determine which cleaning solution is going to work best for each particular area rug. There are many different ways to clean a rug and using the wrong solution and wrong application can cause excess damage to your area rug.

It is important to consider that saving a few dollars by attempting area rug cleaning on your own may actually cause damage to your rug that cannot be repaired. This may lead you to have to keep a rug that now looks less than perfect, or you may have to buy a brand new area rug.

Area rug cleaning is important to keep your rug in good condition and to prevent a build-up of dirt, allergens, and even toxins. The thing to remember is that your area rug cleaning should be completed by an experienced professional. A professional that has the knowledge and experience to use the right product and the right application to clean your rug without causing damage.

If you are looking for an experienced team to perform your area rug cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning Company can help. Contact us today to find out more about our area rug cleaning services.

What Is Abrash And Why Do Oriental Rugs Have It?

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Hand knotted rugs possess certain inherent characteristics which aid in their uniqueness. Color variations in the field and or border, known as abrash, are a beautiful example of such a characteristic. The term abrash, from the Arabic word for mottled, is typically used to denote color changes or striations running horizontally across the face of a rug. These color changes will appear within the same color ie., a light blue field may have striations of darker blue. However, abrash can also refer to a more general variation of color throughout a certain field of color causing the area to have a mottled appearance.

Abrash results from variations in the dyeing process. Most commonly, different dye lots may not result in a perfect match, particularly if small dye batches are used. The weaver runs out of one batch and restarts with another which may result in a shade difference. Differences within the same dye lot are also possible. Variations in the yarn density and twist, especially with hand spun yarns, allow for different absorption rates of dyes. In addition, the time spent in the dye bath may also affect absorption rates since the yarns on the outside of the skein will absorb color faster than the yarns on the inside of the skein.

Occasionally abrash may appear more apparent following a professional cleaning. Sometimes the true colors are obscured by soiling, and often the rug owner will very closely inspect the rug noticing slight variations which were pre-existing, but have long been forgotten.

Although some may prefer consistent and precise coloring in their rugs, abrash is often prized as a beautiful characteristic of an oriental or hand knotted rug. Many machine made rugs often incorporate abrash in their designs to enhance their appeal. It is often discussed in the rug community how much of abrash is an “accident” of the dye process or how much is intentional by the weaver. The question only adds to the mystique of oriental rugs.


Cleaning Tips That Help Save Time

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You love a spotless house—but you don’t want to spend the bulk of your time actually cleaning. With time always of the essence, we need to be able to find ways to clean-up more quickly. Luckily, there are shortcuts, tools and methods that will help you efficiently and effectively clean in a shorter amount of time.

Stop Clutter at the Front Door: Mount a plastic or cloth shoe rack inside your front entry closet door, and use it to stash all kinds of living room and family room miscellany—toys, hats, gloves, magazines. You can even designate one of the pockets for mail you do not know whether to save or toss.

Circle Your Way Around The Kitchen: Always begin on the right side of your stove, then move clockwise around the room. The stove is typically the dirtiest part of the kitchen, so ending with it keeps you from spreading dirt and grease. (First, soak drip pans and knobs in warm soapy water. By the time you’ve worked your way around, they’ll be easier to clean.)

Make Pick-up Quicker: Put all items that do not belong in the room in a container. Do not try to pick up each item and place it where it belongs. Even if you don’t get distracted you will waste time running to all ends of the house multiple times.

Sweeping Solutions: Cleaning should always be done top to bottom. That way, any crumbs or dust that fall to the floor while you’re working get picked up last. And believe it or not, there’s a right way to sweep.

Get Swept Away: To sweep, hold the broom like a canoe paddle, with one hand on top of the handle and the other toward the middle. Push your hands in opposite directions to get the most out of every sweeping stroke. Sweep from the outside in so that you don’t miss any spots, and move the dirt to the center of the room, where it will be easy to pick up.

Shower Doors Will Shine: Rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on glass shower doors twice a month causes water to bead up and roll off. Or, try Rain-X Original Glass Treatment, a car-care product made to keep rainwater off your windshield. Use it twice a year.

Use Bedtime as Bathroom Clean Time: While the kids are washing up at night, wipe down the tub, toilet and mirrors, and toss out clutter. When they’re finished, quickly wipe down the sink and floor.

Address Your Drawers: Most women have drawers full of clothes they don’t wear, and their dresser tops then become repositories for things they can’t store. Get rid of things you haven’t worn in a year and vow to put away your clean laundry each week.

Conquer Laundry and Stave Off Static: Since fabric softener and dryer sheets can strip towels of their absorbency, add ¼ cup white vinegar to the rinse cycle or throw two (new, clean) tennis balls in your dryer to get rid of static electricity, soften fabrics and eliminate the need for dryer sheets.

Time It: If you actually time how long it takes to do certain chores, you won’t mind doing them as much. Believe it or not, most chores only take 10 minutes.

A Few Benefits of Houseplants

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Your rugs and carpets are the biggest filter in your home and just like your air conditioning filter they filter out airborne soils that pass through them. Keeping these objects properly cleaned and maintained is vitally important to your health. What about bringing plants into the home as well, to assist with this filtering process?

When you embellish interior spaces with houseplants, you’re not just adding greenery. These living organisms interact with your body, mind and home in ways that enhance the quality of life.

Breathing Easier
When you breathe, your body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Adding plants to interior spaces can increase oxygen levels.

At night, photosynthesis ceases, and plants typically respire like humans, absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. A few plants – orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads – do just the opposite, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Place these plants in bedrooms to refresh air during the night.

Releasing Water
As part of the photosynthetic and respiratory processes, plants release moisture vapor, which increases humidity of the air around them. Plants release roughly 97 percent of the water they take in. Place several plants together, and you can increase the humidity of a room, which helps keeps respiratory distresses at bay. Studies at the Agricultural University of Norway document that using plants in interior spaces decreases the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs.

Setting the Mood
A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology reports that people who have plants in their home have higher mood levels and experience less stress and fatigue. Cheerful moods follow houseplant growers to work, where they have better attitudes toward their work and their coworkers. Interiorscape designers take advantage of the effects of plants on people to make hard surfaces and sharp corners seem softer, resulting in a feeling of comfort and well-being in living spaces with plants.

Plants bring natural beauty to our living spaces. They also help clean the air we breathe by absorbing toxins and acting as little oxygen factories. Plants simply make us feel better!

Area Rug Cleaning Company Customer Review

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Reviewed on Customer Lobby:

Quite satisfied with the whole experience

Area Rug Cleaning Company cleaned a rug from my home. They came promptly when they said they would to pick up the rug. They did a great job cleaning it and then accommodated our busy schedule to return the rug to us. The staff we dealt with were very professional and the price was very reasonable. We are quite satisfied with the whole experience and recommend the services offered by Area Rug Cleaning Company to everyone.

Greg D.

Boehner, MI


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