Common Misconceptions About Oriental Rug Cleaning in Wayne, MI

Posted on May 23, 2014

Rugs get dirty mostly due to traffic.

A misconception: Oriental rug cleaning is more than just shampooing the surface of the rug. When people walk on a rug, especially with their shoes on, they grind dirt into the fibers and damage the rug. Some people may take as long as four years to give their rug a professional oriental rug cleaning. Constant removal of abrasive dirt and where possible removing your shoes when walking on the rug can ensure longer periods before your rug needs cleaning.

Oriental rugs should be dry cleaned

This is a misconception. Dry cleaning methods such as dry foam, dry chemicals and dry compounds can only result in superficial cleaning of your rug. Abrasive dirt is not removed by dry cleaning and this means your rug will wear out faster.

What your rug needs is proper wet wash cleaning. This will remove all the dirt trapped in the fibers of the rug as well as the shampoo and chemical residue that dry cleaning alone cannot remove.

You can safely clean your rugs in your home without harming them.

Another misconception: Home cleaning is mere surface cleaning of the rugs. There is a great chance your rug will get ruined. Onsite cleaners can’t afford to get the rug too wet because they want it to dry fast. If it is not dry in time it will begin to mildew and the dyes may bleed. Without proper rinsing the chemicals used for cleaning remain ingrained in the fibers of the rug and this will attract more soil and dirt exposing your rug to more damage.  Only correct Oriental rug cleaning can remove this soil and dirt.

Get the cheapest company to clean your rugs

A costly misconception:  Rug cleaning is a labor intensive procedure and if you want a proper cleaning job done then be prepared to pay a reasonable charge. Be wary of companies charging ridiculously low prices, because in most cases they will not do a proper job.

Area rug Cleaners in Wayne, MI use tried and tested rug cleaning methods to ensure your rug is not only clean but also safe for you to sit on or for your kids to roll on without getting affected by chemical residues. Contact us today to take advantage of our exceptional Oriental rug cleaning services.

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