Early 20th Century Handmade Rug & Its Origins

Posted on Mar 17, 2014


The Karakalpaks are a tribe of people who originate in Uzbekistan. Their yurts, are exceptional because of their rich decorations. They use various types of tent bands and narrower bands, both for decorative and structural reasons. Some are flat-woven, while others use mixed techniques, such as the one shown here. It is referred to as an “aq basqur” or white main band. It is known as the most important and most artistic of the tent bands.

This example is nearly 39 ft long. Its pattern is composed of eight panels, each with a different design. Nine smaller panels are inserted between the longer panels, and the long ends are flat-woven. In its original condition it must have been even longer. It was cut between the seventh and eighth panels, as you can see from the photo, and sewn together.

For more information about the Karakalpak and their knotted work, please visit the extremely informative website by David and Sue Richardson: www.karakalpak.com

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