What Pets Bring Into Our Homes and Leave On Our Carpets and Rugs

Posted on May 11, 2016

We all love our pets, but do you know what they bring into your home?

Saliva: A dog has at Least 20 species of bacteria in its mouth. All of these bacteria are left behind when your pet slobbers on your upholstery or rugs.
Pet waste: There are 20 million fecal coliform bacteria in a single gram of pet waste – urine or feces! These bacteria remain on rugs even after you clean up the waste.
Dander: An estimated 30 million Americans are allergic to animals with pet dander being the main cause! Simply vacuuming may not get rid of all of the allergens.
Dirt: Studies show that dirt carries many different forms of bacteria and a square foot of carpet can harbor up to 1 pound of dirt! Our rug cleaning system will deep clean your rugs, removing the places bacteria can hide.

The EPA recommends that homes with pets have their rugs and carpets professionally cleaned every 3 to 6 months for the most effective cleaning and removal of pet hair, odors, dander, and dirt or soil.

The service Area Rug Cleaning Company provides is to break down the urine elements in the textile and clean it out. We do this by using products supplied by Centrum Force® LLC. The difference between Area Rug Cleaning Company & other “rug cleaners” is our specialized equipment that safely & gently cleans your valued treasure, while removing pet stains and odor.

Click the video below to learn more:

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