Tips on Caring for Your Area Rug.

Posted on Jul 3, 2014

A little TLC goes a long way when caring for your fine area rugs. In fact, a simple maintenance routine will keep them looking their best for many years, ensuring your continued enjoyment of them. Rug cleaning and maintenance are not complicated and the following tips will help keep your rug healthy and beautiful.

Area Rug Vacuuming

Rug cleaning plays a major part in the appearance of your rug. Moreover, allergy prone family members will certainly appreciate a regular cleaning routine. Vacuuming your rug weekly keeps it well groomed and clean, and prevents moth infestations. To avoid damaging the fibers, both wool and silk rugs benefit from using suction rather than rotation brushes when vacuuming. Moreover, flipping the rug over and vacuuming the back as well as under the rug helps with more comprehensive debris and dust removal. However, all vacuuming activity must be gentle to avoid damaging the fringe. Tucking the fringe under the rug while vacuuming prevents fringe damage.

Water Damage Prevention

Water damage causes mold and mildew and is a natural enemy of wool, cotton and silk rugs. General moisture and humidity in the home as well as placing your rug directly over a concrete floor can cause mold issues that can ruin an area rug. Regular airing of the rug is recommended in such circumstances.

Keeping rugs in basements exposes them to potential floods and water leakage. In these situations, prompt cleaning and drying may save them. However, even small and unnoticed leaks from houseplants or appliances can damage rugs and their foundations. If you want to have a plant on your rug, put it on a coaster or plant tray and check for leaks every time you water it.

Prevention is still the simplest solution for water damage. Pay close attention to moisture, dampness and leaks in your home that may affect your rug and take appropriate measures to promptly repair any such issues.

Sun Damage Prevention

With time, the sun’s ultra violet rays will bleach your area rug’s lovely vivid colors and placing your rug in a bright sun-lit room will fade its colors. Avoiding direct sunlight by using blinds or curtains prevents some of the damage. However, if that is not possible, rotating the rug a couple of times each year will even out the fading to make it more uniform throughout the rug.

Rug Pad Protection

A good pad protects your rug from premature aging. Not only does the pad stabilize the rug and prevent it from slipping and sliding, it also muffles sounds and provides additional cushioning and support. Although most rugs benefit from having a good padding placed underneath, that is especially true for old, thin or brittle rugs with weak foundations.

Furniture Placement

Heavy furniture placement on area rugs is not advisable as it causes depressions in the pile. Some of these indentations may be permanent. To avoid them, make sure you use special furniture coasters.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs should optimally be cleaned professionally every 12-18 months, more often if you have pets or allergic individuals living in the home. Also, it is best to let a professional rug cleaner take care of food stains or drink spills on your rug promptly. This insures better results in terms of stain removal. Professionals have the knowledge, gentle and safe supplies and the facilities to properly and thoroughly clean fine area rugs. Rug cleaners analyze your rug prior to washing it to avoid color runs and damage. The professional dusting, washing, drying, brushing, grooming, and deodorization process will make your rug smell fresh and look amazing.

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