Video Blog: Area Rug Cleaning Company Ann Arbor & Wayne MI | Welcome Video

videoThe finest to the most basic rugs from around the world can be cared for at Area Rug Cleaning Company. Your rugs are brought back to our special cleaning facility, once they are picked up. They will go through our thorough cleaning process for maximum soil and spot removal. At Area Rug Cleaning Company, we believe that your rug is an investment that deserves superb cleaning.

We are proudly serving Canton, Chelsea, Dexter, Milan, Northville, South Lyon and the entire Ann Arbor, MI area since 1977.  Please watch out Welcome video:

    There is a difference in quality between top cleaning area rugs in your home versus sending them to our in-plant facility to be cared for properly. Quality work done in-plant here in Ann Arbor & new location in Wayne, MI that is worth spending money on. You are invited to watch the video to help you make an informed decision on options you may be considering. We are a Certified Master Rug Cleaner, the Gold Standard in Training and Certification for Rug Cleaning Professionals.
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