Area Rug Cleaning Glossary: D

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  • Density
    Density is measured by the quality of rug’s assembly, and is determined by the number of knots and the height of the pile.
  • Dhurrie rugs
    Indian flat-woven rugs made of cotton or wool, typically lower-cost.
  • Dozar (Persian)
    Describe carpets approximately a 4.6 x 6.6 size.
  • Dobag
    (Turkish) Acronym meaning “Natural Dye Research and Development Project, which began in 1981. This program was implemented by the Turkish government to improve the quality of the rug industry by reintroducing the use of natural dyes after years of using only chemical colors in carpet manufacturing.
  • Donegal
    An Irish rug manufacturing factory established in 1858.
  • Dragon and Phoenix
    Some of the most popular motifs in Chinese rugs, representing happiness and good fortune.
  • Dragon Rugs
    A rare and much prized by rug collectors group of Caucasian rugs (16th -18th century) decorated with large S-shaped dragons.
  • Drugget
    A non-pile rug made of goat hair or cotton, this type of rug comes from Indian and the Balkans.
  • Dyes
    There are two types of dyes—natural and synthetic. Dyes are used for coloring pile materials such as wool, cotton, and silk.
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