Area Rug Cleaning Glossary: H

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  • Hand Hooked/ Hand Tufted
    A process of making rugs wherein weavers push loops of yarn through a canvas backing. Latex glue is applied to the back of the rug and another layer of cloth is added to protect the stitches. The rug is then finished by turning under the ends. Hooked rugs are an affordable alternative to authentic knotted rugs, because they are far less laborious in the making.
  • Hand Knotted
    Conventionally made with wool or silk, hand knotted rugs are the most expensive and take the longest to weave. They are created by knotting pile yarns around the warp fibers that run the length of the rug. The more knots there are per square inch, the more expensive the rug is.
  • Hand
    Tactile qualities of a fabric including softness, stiffness, scratchiness, etc.
  • Hand-made
    Rugs that are hand knotted, hand tufted, hand hooked; Also needlepoint, Aubusson, and hand loomed rugs. Naturally, hand-made rugs are more expensive than machine-made.
  • Hand-Woven
    Rugs woven on a hand loom.
  • Hard Twist/ Cut Pile
    Type of cut-pile carpet that minimizes flattening with its durable stiffness.
  • Harshang
    Popular Caucasian rug design, 18th century.
  • Heatset
    Process of using heat to treat twisted yarns to maintain their strength.
  • Herati/ Fish Pattern
    One of the most common motifs consisting of a flower centered in a diamond with curving leaves outside the diamond and parallel to each side. The leaves sometimes look similar to a fish, so the term can also be referred to as “Fish Pattern,” or “Mahi” – a fish design in Farsi.
  • Hereke
    A Turkish town known for finely woven silk rugs with the design of classic Persian motifs, frequently includes border inscriptions. Rugs woven in Hereke are known to have high knot densities.
  • Heriz
    Area in northwest Iran, and one of the chief centers for rug production. Even though Heriz rugs have a low knot count (about 30-80); they are still much admired. These rugs are usually large, double wafted, use a symmetrical knot, and include a square medallion motif with pendants attached on both ends.
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