Area Rug Cleaning Glossary: G

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  • Gabbeh
    Gabbeh are coarse rugs with a long pile made by Nomads of the central Zagros Mountains. They are known for simple colorful patters which were once considered unsophisticated, but have great sophistication.
  • Gauge
    Ends of pile yarn per unit of length across the width of the carp.
  • Garden Design
    Floral motifs throughout the field predominantly found in a Persian Bahktiari.
  • Geometric
    Patterns created with straight lines.
  • Georgia
    Country in Southwest Asia, near Caucasus Mountains; Capital – Tbilisi. The styles originated from this area are called Caucasian. The market is presently limited, as the new product has not adapted to the Western taste.
  • Gol
    (Gul)(Persian) word meaning flower, rose, a name etc. Gol/ gul is a popular symbol found in Turkoman carpets, typically an octagon motif, elongated and divided into four.
  • Ground
    Background color that accents the rug’s design motif.
  • Guard Stripes
    Stripes of color around the main border, separating it from the field.
  • Gul Farangi
    A design consisting of all-over repeating naturalistic roses.
  • Gul Hannai
    The henna flower used as a motif in Persian rugs. Gul Hannai ornament may be both an all-over and medallion layout design.
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