The Importance of Rug Padding To Protect Your Family Heirloom

Posted on Nov 16, 2016

In addition to Area Rug Cleaning Company‘s advanced Rug Cleaning Process and the other great services we offer, we also have the ability to create a Custom Rug Pad that are specifically designed for when oriental or area rugs are placed over carpeted floors or hard surfaces like wood or tile. They keep your rugs flat and keep them from ripping bunching or moving.

What you need to know about rug padding from Area Rug Cleaning Company:

– Our padding is Hypoallergenic, completely synthetic, and has no plant or animal fibers to aggravate allergies.

– Our tough, consistent construction provides maximum cushion effect for minimum wear and longer rug life.

– Rug pads prevent ripping, bunching and moving, which makes your home safer from tripping.

Call Area Rug Cleaning Company today to learn more about this and our other professional rug cleaning services. 734-274-6548

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